Faith and Belief In The Creative Process

“Faith is to the character of man as carbon is to Steel”

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Hebrews 11.1

Faith and belief in your vision is essential in order to have something which is desired. Faith is the belief in the unseen. Faith makes the unseen, seen. Observe any successful man or women and you will see a person that believes in what they are doing. You will observe a person with no separation between who they are and what they are doing. The being and the doing are one! Right action flows naturally out of being, out of consciousness. Not the other way around! Mastery in the outer world, is always a manifestation of mastery of the inner, subjective world of the person.

What do I mean by “right action”? I mean action which is consistent with our intention. Right action occurs intuitively and reflectively when your conscious intention is aligned with the conclusions and beliefs of your subconscious mind. Faith and belief are inextricably tied to this process. Remember, the subconscious mind simply observes what it perceives as “facts” and acts accordingly. It is a deductive mechanism. A process based on “if, then” clauses. If I am wealthy, then I have a lot of money. If I am loving, then I will have people in my life to love. If I am popular, then I will have a lot of friends, and so on. Get the idea? This is why thoughts attract things. If you are “coming from” being a particular thing, is it any wonder that things of that particular characteristic are attracted to you? If you are a friendly person, don’t you think this will attract “friends” or people to you? Conversely, if you are an unfriendly person, don’t you think you will spend a lot of time by yourself? Seems simple doesn’t it?

If it’s so simple in concept, why isn’t everyone a “master of the universe” where their intentions are rapidly translated into objective reality? The answer is because it’s sometimes difficult to generate faith and belief in something when you are so far from achieving it in “reality” or the objective world.

When you are trying to accomplish or become something really difficult or something that is far from where you are right now, faith and belief must be built gradually over time in your mind.

How is this done? It is done by noticing any improvement or progress toward your goal or image in the present. The more evidence you perceive in the physical world that your intention is true, the more it will be “recorded” as fact by your subconscious mind. The stronger the evidence over time, the stronger the belief, and the faster the desired outcome will manifest. When your belief becomes a strongly held conviction, it is just a matter of time before you will see your intention manifest in your reality. I have noticed that some people’s intention is so strong that they take almost anything they see as evidence that their intention is true. Call it wishful thinking, shape shifting, or just “fake it until you make it”, this mechanism is extremely effective at turning an image or intention into objective reality. I like to call it converting your subjective reality, i.e. the reality of your imagination, into objective reality of the physical world.

I have seen many techniques in things I’ve read on how to effectively cause this transmutation from the subjective to objective reality. I think the most simple method is to focus on anything that indicates that you are making progress toward your intention, and completely ignore any evidence that you are far away from having what is desired. This is one reason why I think traditional goal setting does not work. The reason it doesn’t work is because by its very nature, setting a goal is setting up a belief that you are going to attain something in the future. You are subconsciously setting up and reinforcing a belief that you do not have it in the present.

Remember: everything occurs in the present. Unless you have obtained the consciousness of the intention in the present, you are stuck in no man’s land. Neither here nor there. Your energy is stuck in the realm of lack, not of having or being.

Taken from Chapter VIII of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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