The Power of Belief

“As you believe, so it will be done unto you”.

Jesus Christ

Jesus, the great master recognized this great truth, “as you believe, so it will be done unto you.” Notice the words “it will be done unto you”. What does this mean? The spiritual act of believing is the same as being. We, as spiritual beings, are required only to believe and that belief is then done unto us by a power greater than any of us knows. Belief has power, belief has energy and belief is the building block upon which all being is manifested. Weak belief produces weak results, conversely, strong belief produces strong results. One word of caution in all of this: you can’t fool God! False bravado, wishful thinking and telling the world you are confident when you really aren’t does not cut it in the realm of being.

To reiterate, the belief has to rise to the level of a strongly held conviction that is backed by evidence that is accepted by your subconscious mind. It is only in this way, when your belief is truly accepted as fact, that your belief is then translated into a physical fact in the material world. Before that, it is only “wishful thinking” and “day dreaming”. No creative power, just idle thoughts.

As you can see from this line of reasoning, it is not thoughts alone that become things, if that were the case, everything you thought would come true. All of us know that we think millions of thoughts per day that never manifest in our world. The reason is that most thoughts are not backed by a strong belief and the required emotional component necessary to give them the power to manifest into “real things”.

Belief and emotional “passion” are inextricably tied to the strength of your belief. Think of the emotional component of your beliefs as sort of volume control. The higher the volume is turned up, the greater the emotional force behind your belief. The more force behind your beliefs, the greater the power of your thoughts and creativity, and the higher probability that your intention(s) will be manifested in the “real world”. Weak beliefs with a weak emotional component produce weak results. Conversely, strong beliefs with a strong emotional component produce strong results.

This is why you frequently hear people say “ I want to be involved in something I’m passionate about”. That’s because they instinctively know that if they are not passionate about what they are doing, they most likely will not be successful. They will not have the persistence and force of intention necessary to overcome the obstacles they will encounter on the road to success in achieving their objectives, of becoming what they want.

Do you know anyone who is successful at something who is not passionate about it? Especially something that is very difficult? Not likely, and you would be hard pressed to find an example of such a person. We stated previously, the being and doing are one! You don’t get what you want in this life, you get what you are! Right action flows naturally out of being and right action are those actions that are consistent with your conscious intentions. Strongly held belief and convictions create your consciousness, consciousness creates being and being determines the outcome in the outer world. How you “show up” in the world determines who you are and what you have.

Woody Allen, the comedian and film maker was famous for saying in the 1980’s: “80% of success in life is showing up”. This is certainly true, but I would add that it’s how you show up that’s important, it’s not enough to just physically show up. Are you showing up as competent, committed, and passionate about what you are doing? Are you showing up with integrity and demonstrating to other people and to the universe that your word means something and you can be trusted to do the right thing? Are you showing up with a mindset of wealth and abundance or lack and scarcity? Are you showing up with a positive attitude that realizes that every setback carries with it the seed of equivalent or greater advantage? Do you believe in what you are doing with strong emotional force, or are you passive and doubtful in your commitment?

The choice is yours. The act of believing is the same as being. It’s an existential act and mindset that the universe responds to. You have to be sincere and honest in this because you can’t fool God (the Universe)!

As you believe, so it will be done unto you!

Taken from Chapter VIII of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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    Right on as usual, Greg. I believe and I believe we will Make America Great Again!!! Roger

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