Become the Ocean

Editor’s Note: The posts that follow are taken from a book I am currently writing called “Being and Becoming”. The book will be ready to publish some time this summer and will be published on Amazon as an e-book and also available in paperback. The following will appear as the “Prelude” or “Forward” to the rest of the book. I hope you enjoy these posts and please comment as the spirit moves you!

Become the Ocean

Everyone and everything in the Universe is constantly changing. One could say that the only thing in the Universe that is constant is change. Although most people recognize this intellectually, we don’t live lives consistent with this basic reality. Instead, we cling to the illusion that there is permanency in our lives and in the world around us. We suffer under the illusion of our senses which creates the perception of separateness of our consciousness from that of other people. We reflexively try to recapture circumstances that worked in our past and try to relive them in the present. Conversely, we try to avoid situations that we perceive as being undesirable based on our experience. I call this “conceptually  derived experience” as opposed to experiencing something directly (without the filter of past experiences) as a child does.

I submit to you now that living in the past or anxiously fearing the future is the source of most human suffering. The failure to live in the present or to be present goes against the natural laws of the Universe and therefore is a way of being which conflicts with the natural flow of the universe. The results are a violation of Law and are therefore inherently counterproductive to one’s life, growth, and authenticity.

To put this another way, we are in a perpetual state of becoming as are all spiritual beings and physical elements in the Universe. The young become old, rocks become dust, Uranium decays to a lower energy state and becomes lead, the rich get richer, ignorance creates more ignorance and so on and so on. In this state of becoming, we must be conscious of who we are being because who we are being directly affects and to a large extent determines what or who we become. In other words, who we are being directly, over time, creates our reality. The thoughts we think, the feelings we feel based on our beliefs and deeply help convictions create, over time, our objective reality. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, it is all determined by who we are being at this very moment. Who are you being in the present?

For everything that has ever happened, or ever will happen is happening now in the present. There is nothing else. The infinite number of potential possibilities and outcomes are all happening in the present and it’s up to you to choose. It’s up to you to choose the thoughts that determine your reality. The consciousness you occupy now determines what you experience.

So, who are we being? What will our lives become? If we can begin to understand the nature of the Universe and how things are created, we can begin to understand how to create our lives the way we  want them to be. Ok, I’ve got news for you, and it might be painful to acknowledge: your life (and mine) and all its circumstances are on exact reflection of who you are being and who you have been in the past.  Interesting to think about isn’t it? You can’t blame your spouse, your boss, your parents, your upbringing…..God. It’s all about you! You’ve got no one to blame but  yourself, and it’s not even about blame, it’s about creation. It’s the mathematical precision with which the Universe creates. It’s how energy flows and changes from one form to another. One creates not from something, but from nothing. That’s right, from empty space.  Deliberate creation is driven not by how much you can attract or accumulate, but by how much you can rid yourself of unnecessary clutter, of irrelevant matter, to create the empty space that allows true creation to occur. Thoughts create things when they are the product of deeply held beliefs and convictions. When thoughts have penetrated so deeply into your consciousness that they become accepted facts on a subconscious level, they will soon manifest in your world as objective fact.

Now you may say after reading this that this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo psycho babble that is basically a bunch of crap. That’s fine, go on and continue to experience life the way you have been. But I can assure you that there is another way. Whether you acknowledge it or are aware of it, the laws of the Universe are always at work. It is not an easy path, for sure, but if you can accept responsibility for everything you experience in your life, you are on the way to living a life of authenticity, integrity, and true creation. A life where you are being exactly what you want to create and in doing so, you are in a state of becoming what you want instead of just drifting and reacting to your circumstances. This is living life as an intentional creative process where instead of reacting to the waves in the ocean, you become the ocean; you become the source of your experience and not the effect.

Being at this level requires training and concentrated effort, the kind many people do not want to be bothered with. It involves understanding, trust, and letting go of your ego mind so you can experience a deeper reality. An intuitive way of being that allows you to achieve attunement with the Universe, and as a result, attunement with the mind God.





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  1. Raymond Patete says:

    Awesome article, Greg. I like this much better than politics! Stay with it. Ray-mond.

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