Faith and Belief In The Creative Process

“Faith is to the character of man as carbon is to Steel”

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Hebrews 11.1

Faith and belief in your vision is essential in order to have something which is desired. Faith is the belief in the unseen. Faith makes the unseen, seen. Observe any successful man or women and you will see a person that believes in what they are doing. You will observe a person with no separation between who they are and what they are doing. The being and the doing are one! Right action flows naturally out of being, out of consciousness. Not the other way around! Mastery in the outer world, is always a manifestation of mastery of the inner, subjective world of the person.

What do I mean by “right action”? I mean action which is consistent with our intention. Right action occurs intuitively and reflectively when your conscious intention is aligned with the conclusions and beliefs of your subconscious mind. Faith and belief are inextricably tied to this process. Remember, the subconscious mind simply observes what it perceives as “facts” and acts accordingly. It is a deductive mechanism. A process based on “if, then” clauses. If I am wealthy, then I have a lot of money. If I am loving, then I will have people in my life to love. If I am popular, then I will have a lot of friends, and so on. Get the idea? This is why thoughts attract things. If you are “coming from” being a particular thing, is it any wonder that things of that particular characteristic are attracted to you? If you are a friendly person, don’t you think this will attract “friends” or people to you? Conversely, if you are an unfriendly person, don’t you think you will spend a lot of time by yourself? Seems simple doesn’t it?

If it’s so simple in concept, why isn’t everyone a “master of the universe” where their intentions are rapidly translated into objective reality? The answer is because it’s sometimes difficult to generate faith and belief in something when you are so far from achieving it in “reality” or the objective world.

When you are trying to accomplish or become something really difficult or something that is far from where you are right now, faith and belief must be built gradually over time in your mind.

How is this done? It is done by noticing any improvement or progress toward your goal or image in the present. The more evidence you perceive in the physical world that your intention is true, the more it will be “recorded” as fact by your subconscious mind. The stronger the evidence over time, the stronger the belief, and the faster the desired outcome will manifest. When your belief becomes a strongly held conviction, it is just a matter of time before you will see your intention manifest in your reality. I have noticed that some people’s intention is so strong that they take almost anything they see as evidence that their intention is true. Call it wishful thinking, shape shifting, or just “fake it until you make it”, this mechanism is extremely effective at turning an image or intention into objective reality. I like to call it converting your subjective reality, i.e. the reality of your imagination, into objective reality of the physical world.

I have seen many techniques in things I’ve read on how to effectively cause this transmutation from the subjective to objective reality. I think the most simple method is to focus on anything that indicates that you are making progress toward your intention, and completely ignore any evidence that you are far away from having what is desired. This is one reason why I think traditional goal setting does not work. The reason it doesn’t work is because by its very nature, setting a goal is setting up a belief that you are going to attain something in the future. You are subconsciously setting up and reinforcing a belief that you do not have it in the present.

Remember: everything occurs in the present. Unless you have obtained the consciousness of the intention in the present, you are stuck in no man’s land. Neither here nor there. Your energy is stuck in the realm of lack, not of having or being.

Taken from Chapter VIII of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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The Power of Belief

“As you believe, so it will be done unto you”.

Jesus Christ

Jesus, the great master recognized this great truth, “as you believe, so it will be done unto you.” Notice the words “it will be done unto you”. What does this mean? The spiritual act of believing is the same as being. We, as spiritual beings, are required only to believe and that belief is then done unto us by a power greater than any of us knows. Belief has power, belief has energy and belief is the building block upon which all being is manifested. Weak belief produces weak results, conversely, strong belief produces strong results. One word of caution in all of this: you can’t fool God! False bravado, wishful thinking and telling the world you are confident when you really aren’t does not cut it in the realm of being.

To reiterate, the belief has to rise to the level of a strongly held conviction that is backed by evidence that is accepted by your subconscious mind. It is only in this way, when your belief is truly accepted as fact, that your belief is then translated into a physical fact in the material world. Before that, it is only “wishful thinking” and “day dreaming”. No creative power, just idle thoughts.

As you can see from this line of reasoning, it is not thoughts alone that become things, if that were the case, everything you thought would come true. All of us know that we think millions of thoughts per day that never manifest in our world. The reason is that most thoughts are not backed by a strong belief and the required emotional component necessary to give them the power to manifest into “real things”.

Belief and emotional “passion” are inextricably tied to the strength of your belief. Think of the emotional component of your beliefs as sort of volume control. The higher the volume is turned up, the greater the emotional force behind your belief. The more force behind your beliefs, the greater the power of your thoughts and creativity, and the higher probability that your intention(s) will be manifested in the “real world”. Weak beliefs with a weak emotional component produce weak results. Conversely, strong beliefs with a strong emotional component produce strong results.

This is why you frequently hear people say “ I want to be involved in something I’m passionate about”. That’s because they instinctively know that if they are not passionate about what they are doing, they most likely will not be successful. They will not have the persistence and force of intention necessary to overcome the obstacles they will encounter on the road to success in achieving their objectives, of becoming what they want.

Do you know anyone who is successful at something who is not passionate about it? Especially something that is very difficult? Not likely, and you would be hard pressed to find an example of such a person. We stated previously, the being and doing are one! You don’t get what you want in this life, you get what you are! Right action flows naturally out of being and right action are those actions that are consistent with your conscious intentions. Strongly held belief and convictions create your consciousness, consciousness creates being and being determines the outcome in the outer world. How you “show up” in the world determines who you are and what you have.

Woody Allen, the comedian and film maker was famous for saying in the 1980’s: “80% of success in life is showing up”. This is certainly true, but I would add that it’s how you show up that’s important, it’s not enough to just physically show up. Are you showing up as competent, committed, and passionate about what you are doing? Are you showing up with integrity and demonstrating to other people and to the universe that your word means something and you can be trusted to do the right thing? Are you showing up with a mindset of wealth and abundance or lack and scarcity? Are you showing up with a positive attitude that realizes that every setback carries with it the seed of equivalent or greater advantage? Do you believe in what you are doing with strong emotional force, or are you passive and doubtful in your commitment?

The choice is yours. The act of believing is the same as being. It’s an existential act and mindset that the universe responds to. You have to be sincere and honest in this because you can’t fool God (the Universe)!

As you believe, so it will be done unto you!

Taken from Chapter VIII of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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The Law of First Cause

And though thy knees were never bent,

to heaven thy hourly prayers are sent.

And whether formed for good or ill,

are registered and answered still”.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We don’t get what we want, we get what we are”

 -U.S. Anderson

You are what you think. You attract what you think into your life as a product of your thoughts and beliefs. This creative process is always working whether you are aware of it or not. We cannot escape the fact that circumstances are always the result and never the cause in our experience. This is commonly referred to as the “Law of Attraction”. This “Law” has been referred to repeatedly in pop-spiritual lexicon and has recently been popularized in many writings in recent years.

Jesus spoke of the Law of Attraction when he said, “Unto him who hath, more shall be given, and unto him who hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away”.

This statement spoken so long ago really captures all that is known about cause in the universe. like attracts “like”. Consciousness attracts more of itself. Consciousness becomes itself! Consciousness becomes things!

Ok, you say, that sounds impressive and it would probably impress my friends at cocktail parties (or make them think you’re crazy!), but what does this really mean and how can I use it?


First cause is always mental and imagination is the driving force. Imagination forms an image, and when that image is accompanied by belief and faith, it manifests in the “real world” as  objective fact. This is why you can never become anything that you aren’t already. You have to already “be” to become. Said another way, you must possess the consciousness of what you desire in order for your desired thing to be present in your reality. What naturally follows from this observation is that if you are not experiencing circumstances that are to your liking in your life, you have not attained the consciousness of one who experiences your desired outcomes.

You are rather, expressing and experiencing a consciousness level that produces an outcome which is undesirable. You are creating through your beliefs, deeply held convictions, and actions, circumstances which are undesirable on a conscious level. You can also be sure that if you are consistently producing undesirable results in your life, you are creating them on an unconscious   level through your subconscious mind. In experiencing this, you have identified that there is a misalignment between your conscious and subconscious minds. When such a misalignment exists, the subconscious mind always wins.

Take as an example, a man who desires to be an architect. Before he can actually experience being an architect he must take years of classes and training to acquire the specialized knowledge required to become and architect. During the years of training he is learning all of             the technical issues related to physics and structural integrity of buildings. In addition, he is learning many design concepts and practicing on case studies that prepare him, over time, to be an architect. While the study of architecture throughout this process is an important part of   the process, he is at the same time acquiring the belief that he is an architect. By the end of his years of training and study, his belief in his being an architect will become so strong that he eventually will be an architect in objective fact. Said another way, the years of training provided him the ability to acquire the consciousness of being an architect.  I am an architect.


Notice in this example that believing you are an architect alone is not sufficient to be and architect.  Actually  being an architect also required action. It requires committed action that was driven by a belief  that he could be an architect. Committed action that is backed by belief and faith is always required in the creative process of becoming.

While the conscious mind has the ability to create through the imagination, the subconscious mind simply observes and acts upon what it observes as fact. All physical action is directed on some level by the subconscious mind. This is why it is so easy to have a misalignment between the conscious and subconscious minds. The conscious mind originates thoughts and desires which though your imagination causes an image of what you desire. Thus, your conscious desires are formed and occupy your thoughts on a conscious level. At the same time, your subconscious mind has processed a lifetime of data which forms conclusions that aren’t necessarily in-line or consistent with what you are thinking on a conscious level. As a result, your actions are not consistent with your perceived desires and hence a misalignment occurs. Since the majority of your actions are directed intuitively by the subconscious mind, you    gradually, over time, create circumstances that are inconsistent with your conscious thoughts.

How is this misalignment corrected? The answer is simple in concept, but very difficult in practice: “A belief that is consciously accepted until it becomes a deeply held conviction is eventually accepted on a subconscious level where it is acted upon and translated into objective fact. ” Beliefs can also be “imprinted” on or accepted by the subconscious mind without the intervention of the conscious mind. This process can be incorporated on a completely unconscious level. Your subconscious mind is always recording and observing “facts” which are impressed upon the subconscious and manifested in your objective experience. This is why most people do things and feel emotions that they don’t understand. This is because the entire process can occur unconsciously. What we are talking about here is the conscious alignment   of your conscious desires with the subconscious process of manifestation of your desires.

If the concept is so simple (and it is), why is it so difficult to master this concept in real life? If first cause is always mental, why can’t we just desire something and have it manifest in our lives?

Taken from Chapter IV of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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The Human Mind

The human mind is a unique and powerful phenomenon in the Universe. The intelligence that created us endowed us with enormous creative abilities that can be utilized once we understand how the mind works.

The human mind has been described as a “psycho-cybernetic” mechanism. This means that it responds to stimuli from the environment according to how it has been programmed from years of repetition and experience. The term “psycho” refers to the mind and the term “cybernetic” refers to a self-regulating feedback system. It is a system that, for the most part, operates automatically, according to how it is programmed. An analogy to this operation is the thermostat in your home. If the thermostat is set at 72 degrees, and the temperature falls below this level, the thermostat will sense the deviation from the programmed setting, and send an electrical impulse to the furnace which calls for the programmed response, i.e. more heat.

During the first 7 years of life, our minds are downloading information from our environment and forming conclusions and beliefs about who we are and how we relate to the world around us. Our parents, teachers, friends, enemies, and all others we come in contact with influence our perceptions of who we are, and what our potential is in various areas of life. These perceptions form our motivations and attitudes regarding the world around us. This process does not need any conscious intervention and occurs automatically. By the end of the first 7 years, most of our personality traits and automatic responses to most stimuli are already programmed into our minds. This process occurs through repetition and the programs that are recorded are imprinted into our subconscious mind. Some of these programs are beneficial to you later in life, and some are not. These programs remain in place and operate automatically to corresponding stimuli, until the program is changed or replaced with another program. The mind is therefore the interface between you and the world around you. It influences, along with all of its embedded programs, how you perceive reality and interpret what happens in your life.

When you attempt conscious change in your life, your subconscious mind resists adapting to the deviation from the established program. It must then do everything it can to keep you within the established boundaries of the existing programs (much like the thermostat regulates the temperature of your home). You therefore cannot affect lasting change on the outside without first affecting change on the inside of your subconscious mind. You must change the “image” on the inside in order to change the image on the outside. You must effectively reprogram your subconscious mind with new, more beneficial programs that are consistent with your conscious desires.

There are two basic areas of the human mind. The conscious mind, which is the creative, logical, thinking mind, and the subconscious mind, which is the intuitive, reflexive mind which operates automatically, based on the assumptions it has internalized as “facts”. The subconscious mind directs actions and reactions to external and internal events (thoughts) according to what it has learned through experience. The majority of your physical actions and reactions are governed by your subconscious mind and occur automatically, without your conscious awareness. In addition to your actions, all of your body functions such as your autonomic nervous system, including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, control everything that goes on in your body. These systems include, digestion, blood pressure, heart and breathing rates, metabolism, sexual response, production of body fluids (saliva, sweat and tears), urination, defecation etc. These processes are regulated by the subconscious mind without any conscious effort on your part. It is all done automatically as the name implies.

In a like manner, many of the responses in your daily life, and therefore your reaction to certain events, occur automatically consistent with the programs that are currently in place.

In the following chapters, these concepts will be explored further, as well as discussing the importance of feelings and emotions in the creative process.

Taken from Chapter III of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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World of Illusion

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, what is real and what is imagined? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to go through life effortlessly with constant lucky breaks, while you seem to struggle at every turn? Have you ever known someone who never seems to get upset by what goes on around him or her? They just seem to be on another plane of consciousness breathing “ratified air” while you gasp and hack your way through life? Why does this occur and what is the cause of it? Is it pre-destiny, luck, Karma? Or is there more to it than that?

I believe that your perspective and how you interpret and internalize events directly affects the circumstances you experience.

Consider the following example. Two individuals are working separately on very important, difficult projects at work. The first individual, Bob, experiences a serious setback that threatens the entire project’s success and completion. He views the setback as another example of how he usually fails when the going gets tough. He remembers the many times he failed at something, accepted failure and moved on to something else. This line of reasoning causes him to doubt himself and reinforces the feeling that he doesn’t “measure-up” to some of his peers at work. He becomes despondent and depressed. He continues this negative self-talk until he becomes so discouraged that he considers leaving the company and finding employment elsewhere. The more he thinks about the situation, the more it reminds him of other times in the past when he failed. Each time he remembers this, he feels worse and worse.

The second person, Nancy, has a set-back of identical magnitude in her project. The project is important to her both in her advancement and her company’s future. The stakes are high. She examines the setback in a relaxed manner, looking at it from all sides. She sees the problem as a temporary setback and one that, with time she will find a solution. She trusts that no   matter how difficult a situation might appear at first, if one persists, a solution is almost inevitable. She remembers all the times that a seemingly insurmountable issue was resolved in time by  thought, reason, and persistence. She remembers that many times seemingly insurmountable setbacks are often stepping-stones to even greater achievement. She doesn’t panic; she relaxes and let’s go of the problem knowing an answer will come to her.

Which one of these two people do you think experiences more favorable circumstances in their lives? Bob or Nancy? In this example, each experienced similar circumstances. The only difference between the two is how they internalized the experience and how they reacted to it. More importantly, how they thought about it and the feelings those thoughts evoked.

This example illustrates that we don’t really perceive reality at all. In fact, there is no such thing as “reality”. The reality each of us experiences is filtered through our perceptions and most  important, our beliefs. We don’t have the ability to analyze every aspect of what comes into      us and perceive reality per se. We only perceive and process what our limited senses allow us to perceive and what those senses perceive is almost entirely determined by our deeply held beliefs and convictions. 

Now don’t get me wrong. There are certain things that make up objective reality, like gravity for example.  If you walk out in front of a moving bus, no amount of beliefs are going to alter the fact that you will get crushed. We are not talking here about jumping off a cliff reality or getting  hit by a bus reality. We are talking about the process by which subjective reality becomes objective reality. We are talking about how the beliefs of the observer (you) become objective fact.

We all live in a world of illusion and self-delusion which is centered around and based on our current belief system. We don’t perceive reality at all! We experience a contrivance or projection of our mind which we call reality. This contrivance in the form of self-delusion is determined by the thoughts created by our beliefs and deeply held convictions. If you want to change your circumstances, you have to change your beliefs, plain and simple.

It is commonly said in popular spiritual vernacular, that you are what you think. Also that thoughts are things or thoughts become things. To some extent this is true, but more accurately, beliefs determine thoughts which are acted upon and eventually create the things and circumstances in your life. Said another way, what you are currently experiencing in life is determined by the consciousness you currently occupy, the thoughts you think, and most  important, your beliefs and deeply held convictions.

If this is true, how do we change our beliefs so that we create a life that is consistent with our desires or “good” and does not consist of unwanted circumstances (that which we don’t want).

How do we escape this world of illusion and self-delusion to find truth? The answer lies in the understanding of cause and effect in the Universe. Once this understanding is obtained, one must learn how to harness the forces of creation in the Universe and intentionally create good in one’s life and minimize the creation of unwanted circumstances.

Taken from Chapter I of “Being and Becoming” which will be published later this summer on Amazon.

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Become the Ocean

Editor’s Note: The posts that follow are taken from a book I am currently writing called “Being and Becoming”. The book will be ready to publish some time this summer and will be published on Amazon as an e-book and also available in paperback. The following will appear as the “Prelude” or “Forward” to the rest of the book. I hope you enjoy these posts and please comment as the spirit moves you!

Become the Ocean

Everyone and everything in the Universe is constantly changing. One could say that the only thing in the Universe that is constant is change. Although most people recognize this intellectually, we don’t live lives consistent with this basic reality. Instead, we cling to the illusion that there is permanency in our lives and in the world around us. We suffer under the illusion of our senses which creates the perception of separateness of our consciousness from that of other people. We reflexively try to recapture circumstances that worked in our past and try to relive them in the present. Conversely, we try to avoid situations that we perceive as being undesirable based on our experience. I call this “conceptually  derived experience” as opposed to experiencing something directly (without the filter of past experiences) as a child does.

I submit to you now that living in the past or anxiously fearing the future is the source of most human suffering. The failure to live in the present or to be present goes against the natural laws of the Universe and therefore is a way of being which conflicts with the natural flow of the universe. The results are a violation of Law and are therefore inherently counterproductive to one’s life, growth, and authenticity.

To put this another way, we are in a perpetual state of becoming as are all spiritual beings and physical elements in the Universe. The young become old, rocks become dust, Uranium decays to a lower energy state and becomes lead, the rich get richer, ignorance creates more ignorance and so on and so on. In this state of becoming, we must be conscious of who we are being because who we are being directly affects and to a large extent determines what or who we become. In other words, who we are being directly, over time, creates our reality. The thoughts we think, the feelings we feel based on our beliefs and deeply help convictions create, over time, our objective reality. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, it is all determined by who we are being at this very moment. Who are you being in the present?

For everything that has ever happened, or ever will happen is happening now in the present. There is nothing else. The infinite number of potential possibilities and outcomes are all happening in the present and it’s up to you to choose. It’s up to you to choose the thoughts that determine your reality. The consciousness you occupy now determines what you experience.

So, who are we being? What will our lives become? If we can begin to understand the nature of the Universe and how things are created, we can begin to understand how to create our lives the way we  want them to be. Ok, I’ve got news for you, and it might be painful to acknowledge: your life (and mine) and all its circumstances are on exact reflection of who you are being and who you have been in the past.  Interesting to think about isn’t it? You can’t blame your spouse, your boss, your parents, your upbringing…..God. It’s all about you! You’ve got no one to blame but  yourself, and it’s not even about blame, it’s about creation. It’s the mathematical precision with which the Universe creates. It’s how energy flows and changes from one form to another. One creates not from something, but from nothing. That’s right, from empty space.  Deliberate creation is driven not by how much you can attract or accumulate, but by how much you can rid yourself of unnecessary clutter, of irrelevant matter, to create the empty space that allows true creation to occur. Thoughts create things when they are the product of deeply held beliefs and convictions. When thoughts have penetrated so deeply into your consciousness that they become accepted facts on a subconscious level, they will soon manifest in your world as objective fact.

Now you may say after reading this that this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo psycho babble that is basically a bunch of crap. That’s fine, go on and continue to experience life the way you have been. But I can assure you that there is another way. Whether you acknowledge it or are aware of it, the laws of the Universe are always at work. It is not an easy path, for sure, but if you can accept responsibility for everything you experience in your life, you are on the way to living a life of authenticity, integrity, and true creation. A life where you are being exactly what you want to create and in doing so, you are in a state of becoming what you want instead of just drifting and reacting to your circumstances. This is living life as an intentional creative process where instead of reacting to the waves in the ocean, you become the ocean; you become the source of your experience and not the effect.

Being at this level requires training and concentrated effort, the kind many people do not want to be bothered with. It involves understanding, trust, and letting go of your ego mind so you can experience a deeper reality. An intuitive way of being that allows you to achieve attunement with the Universe, and as a result, attunement with the mind God.




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Welcome to the New Intelligent Observer!

My last post was done in 2013. The previous version of this Blog dealt with financial and political subjects. Over the past few years, my writing interest has shifted to hopefully more important issues? This blog will now deal with “Thought Evolution, Mind Expansion and as appropriate, my comments and interpretations of World Events. I hope you enjoy this new version of the blog. Please comment on any of the bog posts when the spirit moves you!



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